reeplex smgx Multi-Functional Trainer with Bench
reeplex smgx Multi-Functional Trainer with Bench_2reeplex smgx Multi-Functional Trainer with Bench_2reeplex smgx Multi-Functional Trainer with Bench_2reeplex smgx Multi-Functional Trainer with Bench_2

SMGX Multi-Functional Trainer + Fid bench


Reeplex SMGX Multi-functional trainer + FID bench includes a linear bearing solid steel smith, cable crossover, seated row, peck deck, squat rack pull up bars, T-bar Row and 7 cable attachments all in one amazing machine.


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Smith Machine 

– The SNGX offers a super smooth commercial liner bearing smith machine rated to 400kg. The smith bar is made from high-quality steel machined with a Knurl for Maximum grip. The clever hook system allows you to rack the bar at any stage of a workout with added safety catch arms also included.

Cable Cross

– The Cable crossover pulleys on the SMGX allows you to preform exercises such as cable fly’s, tricep push-downs, Lat pull-downs and a variety of other cable exercises to supplement your barbell workouts and give you a all-round body workout.

FID Bench

– The bench included with every SMGX is made from quality tubing with thick padding for added durability. The bench includes decline/flat/incline and shoulder press angles along with a preacher pad and leg developer all in one clever design

Peck Deck

– A clever peck deck has been built into the SMGX to offer you a more stable and safer position to preform peck fly’s and target your chest with correct technique every time. The thick arm pads allow you to preform peck fly’s with ease and the heavy stack gives you a variety of weight options for every level of fitness.

Squat Rack with spotter arms

– The SMGX uses the front frame as a built-in squat rack giving you the ability to rack a barbell for free weight training. The J-hooks are adjustable in height along with the safety spotter arm that catch a fully loaded bar. The squat rack is rated to an amazing 400kg and all J-hooks and spotter arms feature a PVC rubber to protect your barbell.

Weight stack

– A 90LBS weight stack is included with the option of increasing the stack using weight plates up to 200kg. This upgradable weight stack is unique and exclusive to the SMGX and is not found on any other machine giving you the freedom to select the correct weight for every workout.

Accessories and cable attachments

– 8 Accessories are included with every Reeplex SMGX. This includes 2 x d handles with rubber, tricep ripe, bicep curl, seated row, ankle strap and a rotational torsonator/T-bar row attachment which can be used with any standard or Olympic barbell.


Weight – 269.0kg

Brand – Reeplex

Max User Weight – 400kg

Product Assembly Dimensions – 2.5m (L) x 2.0m (W) x 2.15m (H)

Frame: lifetime

Parts: 2 years

Cables and Pulleys: 2 years